Monday, January 5, 2009

Tagged 7

Put down facts about yourself, the number of facts will be based on your age. Then tag 5 other people.

1. I HATE crustaceans, namely prawn, crab and lobsters, and cephalopods ( squid, cuttlefish and octopus ). Got that sickening smell coming from them especially when crabs are cooked fresh, and no idea why anyone would want to eat the chewy gooey thing thats a squid.

2. I enjoy running but i hate training for runs. Seems pointless when u do not have a clear target or finish line. There isnt any motivation to spur you towards your destination

3. Self proclaimed star wars fan haha

4. Enjoys a good book and a cool drink on my bed on a warm lazy afternoon.

5. Plays soccer, leeds united and real madrid supporter. Although both teams and kind of going through lean times now. Trivia: Did you know leeds got the idea for their white home kit from real madrid.

6. Bit of curiousity, loves cycling but does not own a bike. Loves soccer but do not own a ball.

7. Tend to try and formulate a reason for everything, especially to do with human behavior. Haha for example, have you all ever noticed that when you all are in a lift if everyone has more or less the same number of aquaintances in the lift then most people will either look up or look down, never straight, but if a party outnumbers the other patrons of the lift then they will look straight. Then i'll start thinking up theories about domination of one party etc over another.

8. I think i have a very mild form of obsessive compulsive disorder haha. All my shoelaces have to run in one particular order or i'll take them out and redo them.

9. I want to grow long hair at some point in my life. Just look at sergio ramos!

10. Loves a good bowl of soup. Espcially those of chicken or mushroom. I'll drink until i am bloated. Do not give me clam chowder though.

11. Willing to pay for good chips. Espcially salt and vinegar flavoured ones.

12. Will never dye my hair, asian through and through and proud of it

13. Used to be quite proficient in chinese, during my primary school era. I was in the chinese speech and drama team until my parents pulled me out in primary 6. Cant stand chinese now though, i havent wrote a single chinese character in more than a year.

14. Another quirk/ fact. Hate my shoes having dirt on them ( not the walking part lol ). If someone stepped on them and theres a small grey spot i'll clean it off before i move lol.

15. Been classified as indian ( by my j1 ogl ), malay ( my grandma ), japanese/korean ( louisa ), chinese ( i mean like PRC chinese, by i forgot who ) looking. Weird huh. I thought someone who looked malay shouldnt look korean lol.

16. Never been admitted to hospital, or had treatment at a hospital once ever since i was born :D

17. Want to keep a pet lizard in future. Those iguana kind, not those house lizards ( those are plain disgusting ).

18. Cant get enough of white. Haha u can pair something white with anything, in terms of clothing or shoes or acessories or whatever. useful. The last i counted i have 3 long sleeve t shirts in my wadrobe lol.

Moral of the story. Dont own a blog when you are a senior citizen. Try thinking up 58 facts for yourself and you get what i mean. Cheers people.

I tag the lone entity, duck, gab, yc and jc

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tagged 6

Tagged by yanchao, haha he is in tekong now.

I am lazy to tag some others. Most will probably not do it anyway.

Rules:I. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves. You may alter the question to fit you. ie. sex of subjects involved.II. Tag 5 people to do this quiz. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. Do you have secrets?
Of course, who the hell would have no secrets. Either that guy is mentally retarded ( no offence ) or plain lying.

2. Would you fall in love with a blind girl?
Yea why not. Ok so it isnt practical but whoever said falling in love was practical anyway. An article from reader's digest said it was bordering on an obsessive compulsive disorder.

3. Do you enjoy going to school?
This should shock most/ some of you that know me, but i actually enjoy going to school occasionally. Haha the people in there are great. Cant says the same for the lectures.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Get a lambourghini! Buy over leeds united and drag them up to the premiership. Hmm what else, invest so i get more returns, buy everything i ever wanted, give some to dad and mom and bro to spend and everyone that was true to me and yea i'll give some to charity, it just feels right.

5. Will you die for some stranger?
Haha like what yanchao say i think i might be compelled to act in the spur of the moment ( really! ) and may end up losing my life to help some stranger but if you give me a chance to sit back and think over it. I might not. So it remains ambigious i guess. Depends on the situation too.

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Since i cant pick both. I'll choose to love someone instead. Surprised? Think of it this way. If some sinister ugly person is in love with you and you just feel creeped out by it wouldnt it be like a corruption of the love the other person have of you? Love just will not feel like love in this case even if the intentions of the other half are pure. However, if you love someone, it will always feel blissful, even if you are that sinister ugly person to that person whom you love and she treats you like one. I would very much prefer the beauty of have the chance to love someone. ( Whatever happens after you are done loving someone doesnt count, for example if a couple breaks up and starts hating each other, because that would encompass what happens AFTER love, not love itself. )

7. List out your 15 favourite songs.
in no order of merit
- Love story - taylor swift
- Drink up me heaties - pirates of the caribbean at world's end
- Colours for trombone - bert appermont
- Duel of the fates - star wars episode 1
- Dolls - ayumi hamasaki
- Guilty - ayumi hamasaki
- Billie Jean - michael jackson
- Get over it - avril lavigne
- To where you are - josh groban
- Everytime we touch candlelight mix - cascada
- Red cliff soundtrack ( i dont actually have it yet haha )
- There you'll be - faith hill
- He said she said - ashley tisdale
- Boku wa kimi ni niteiru - see saw
- Can you feel the love tonight - elton john

8. If the person you secretly like turns out to be a lesbian what would you do?
I'll damn well turn her straight haha.

9. Is there anything that will make you extremely happy?
I dont think so, there isnt anything i want that badly now to warrant me getting extremely happy if i get it, might change in the future.

10. What makes you pissed off?
When i dont get what i want and when people withhold stuff from me. Like give you hints of something but do not give you the whole picture. I will get very VERY vexed inside. I cant bear not to know stuff. Haha its just me.

11. How would you see yourself in 10 years time?
No idea, the dark side clouds the future. Its scary yet there is an element of excitement about it. Cant bear to fathom the future.

12. Who are currently the most important people to you?
My parents, brother, relatives, and friends.

13. What is the most important thing in life?
To not waste it. Live life to the fullest ( cliche but true ), be happy!

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
Single and rich. There is a loophole in the question because nowwhere does it mention happiness and since i would like to think i would be happy with riches, i'll choose the single life lol.

15. What is your favourite colour?
It should be quite obvious to those people i know lol. hint hint, the socks, but no, its 50-50 between white and pink.

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Whats the bloody point in a relationship if you do not want to give your all? So yes i would.

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
Haha now why does this question... I would pick the one whom i would be the most comfortable with.

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done?
Call me petty but i would not. Forgiveable but not forgettable.

19. What CCA are you in?
Football aka soccer and house committee!

20. What type of person will you fall in love with?
Describing it wont do love justice. Because love is meant to be unexpected unpredictable so i wouldnt know who i would fall in love with would i?

Thats all people. I am NOT being emo in case SOME of you think i am haha

Standard Chartered Marathon

Ok no prom picts because i am lazy. LAZY :D

Completed the standard chartered marathon last sunday with a timing of 5:55 thats 5 hours and 55 minutes. No point memtioning the seconds. Suffice to say it was one of the most mentally taxing and difficult things i have ever done. DId not train at all for it. Last time i ran was during the new balance real run. Maybe only the bike rally in june is tougher than this but in terms of a sheer mental test. This one wins hands down.

Ok firstly i seriously underestimated the ardousness of the whole thing. The 1st 20 km was smooth sailing enough. The next 10 also ok, could still run. Then when i hit the last 12 km. all of a sudden my legs start to cramp up. It was the final straw and boy oh boy i just HAD to slow down to a walk. Its agonizing really when you are walking and you can roughly see the outlines of suntec city in the distance ( the finishing line is somewhere slightly beyond that ) and then you slowly see the sights move past you. Its a real psychological challenge. You start to have thoughts of 'will i ever make it back to the finish line at this rate' and of alot of other weird stuff. Example, like how good will a cornetto taste now or what i want to eat for lunch. ( Yea they mostly revolve around food but well when you are running you do end up hungry. ) It was also painfully boring ( and painful ), so much so that i was actually yawning throughout the walking part. Your legs arent exactly hurting, just a feeling that they will cramp if pushed over the limit just abit and your soles feel as if it is slapping the concrete below you. The cushion on my adizero LTs are DEFINITELY not enough for a full marathon despite being great for 10 km sprints. Feet felt squishy after that.

Oh now since my legs arent paintful so what is the root of the pain you might ask. Well i dont know if its the distance or the energy gels i took but during the concluding 10 km of the race. My bladder just felt VERY VERY wrong. You got the urge to pee as if your bladder is bursting at the seams but when you go to the toilet. Only a feel drops of urine comes out ( I know i am grossing some of you out now but too bad its my blog :P ). Seriously its the worse feeling in the world. Imagine running your lets say 2.4 km with a full bladder and not being able to pee it out and multiply the distance by about 5 times.

Sprinted the last 1 km because, hmm its the last km and with all the spectators at the finish line cant bear to lose face by walking. Did i mention that towards the end as we were passing by the F1 pit building, ferrari was having some sort of an exhibition there, and there were like 50 ( estimate ) different models of ferrari for us to drool over. Amazing vehicles. Crossing the finish line was more of a relief than anything. You feel 'hey i actually did it, wow'. Its a sense of a justification of the belief in yourself. The finisher shirt is nice. Slightly different from last year ( and i dont mean the 2008 replacing the 2007 on the logo ), which is good because i feel that the shirt from the previous years are getting abit too common.

Thanks to gab, wh, wl, jc and gh for coming down to support. Very much appreciated. And also congrats to dong lin, kwek, chek keng, and chek keng's friend ( didnt catch his name ) for finishing this hell. Scrapping plans to do the 84 km sundown ultramarathon next year. My standard isnt there yet. Obviously i could complete it and walk the last 50 km but i would take like 24 hours? lol.

Be back next year. Target: under 5 hours

Looking forward to sundown marathon, please let there be a finisher shirt.

p.s. abit lazy to blog lately so.. erratic posting.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Prom 2008

Ahh seems as if my blog died. Ok maybe it did for close to a month. Nothing much to post really. Some of the events that took place are..
- End Of A levels ( seems VERY long ago now )
- Soccer at cage
- Soccer at NYJC, i captained :D and wont 5-1 against dan's team
- Class chalet, yea i got my toenails painted pink

and lastly...

PROM 2008

Managed to assemble my prom outfit on a steal. Shoes courtesy of zean, socks mine, shirt already had them, pants got it from some random shop for 50 bucks and a white blazer for 90 from fourskin.

Caught a bus to orchad together with yang, alson and joseph from bishan. The cheapo option. Alighted at far east plaze and made our way to Hilton Singapore on foot. Arrived at 6.15 and the doors werent open yet although the ticket stated a 6pm starting time and the circular on litespeed encouraged us to come early for games and photo taking. No complains though lingered around outside the ballroom looking for familiar faces all dressed up. When I arrived, it was like 'whoa'. Seriously the girls stole the spotlight. All of them in their simmering gowns all made up and hair nicely done. Guys were mostly in blazers and shirts with tie as the dressing for a guy is a little more restricted i guess. Sat at table 18 with kwek, jc, jr, wm, wl, wh, jy, amos, hh and ck. 11 guys in 1 table. As expected the food was cleared with speed after every round. The dinner was OK. The usual chinese dinner fare, minus the shark's fin haha. $90 wont get you shark's fin i think. The host was great. Professionally done, he managed to get the school going and really liven up the atmosphere ( not that it was dead in the 1st place ). After dinner, as usual our class trademark took hold. Stoned around at the venue taking pictures and well just plain stoning.

Decided to cab to butter factory to join in the post prom festivities and our class ended up getting dispersed all over clark quay due to taxi drivers who had their own individual interpretations of clark quay. Then everyone started callling ME to find out our positions. Yang, garrett and mings joined in the calling 'fun' too. Turns out butter factory was filled to the brim and our class decided to go a bar to drink abit ( that was after alot of stoning and aimless wandering ). Shared a jug of heineken with garrett. Thats stuff is a million times better than anchor beer, that i took with garrett and zean last week. Although i would prefer something other than beer because as gab says drinking beer is tantamount to drinking oil. The calories are off the charts. Was priced out of buying other alcoholic beverages there. Me and garrett wanted to try kamikaze ( a shooter ) but by the time he was game enough to try the bar was closing and they werent accepting orders. After that we walked to the boat quay macs to get some food and chill/ stone. Caught the 1st train home and the sky was lightening up considerably by the time i reached my door.

By the way my marathon is on this sunday.. MARATHON 42.195km. The full distance and i havent been training at all for it. Pray for me people. Doing it for that nice adidas finisher shirt lol.

I promise prom pictures sometime soon, haha after i get them. Everyone is too nicely drssed up NOT to post any picts.

p.s. check class blog

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

US presidential elections, and more...

Its victory to obama then. The news came in around 12pm today as i was watching the bbc while eating my lunch ( alternated with mythbusters ). Followed the elections only sporadically but more so in the run up to the elections. I wanted obama to win and so the results were reasonably pleasing. Mccain's concession speech was graceful, he took it on the chin, and pledged to work together and offer his support for obama while obama acknowledged mccain's efforts as well. I envy this 2 men. To have the shoulders and the want to carry the burden of responsibility for a country such as america and by extension the world is a very commendable quality. Not many ( including some elected to positions of power ) have the ability to pull this off successfully. I believe obama is the right man for america in current times. he has the steely nerve required to do what is right to deliver america from this economic gloom eventually. His speech was stirring, crossing race, age and sexual status ( yes he mentioned gays, just a word in his victpry speech ), reminding me of lee kuan yew perhaps. The conviction that he knows what he is doing and also the conviction of knowing the outcome that he will get. Best wishes to the next president of the united states from an 18 year old in singapore.

That dreaded date of the A levels has finally descended upon us. I am unprepared as ever. It seems less scary and headache inducing that i thought it will be. As with many of you, my mind is already drifting to the post exam activities that we will be doing. By the way, i have only got a month plus to spare. I am enlisting on the 7th of janurary, BMTC school 2 ( Anyone reading this the same date and school? ). So book me now!

3 papers over so far, GP, i wrote the longest and in my opinion best essay in JC life on monday. Among the questions there were very little that i could have done. Initially abit apprehensive but the points just flowed as i wrote. Hope it turns out good. Compre was forgettable. The passage seems easy enough to understand when you read it, but the questions really were difficult in that it can be interpreted in more than one way, without a hint as to what the markers want, and obviously you cannot write everything down or it will look just like garbage. I never got the hang of AQ in these 2 years, summary was done very roughly, i forgot to bring my highlighters ( because i did not bring a pencilcase ) which i normally use to highlight points, but summaries do have a habit of throwing surprises at me when i think i am doing badly for it.

Yesterday was physics 1st in the morning. Doable paper, but the lack of practice made the difference for me. Lost a couple of marks with the electric field question in section B although i knew how to do it, just that i wasnt familiar with it and so did not think of solving it that way. All eyes towards paper 2 now. Maths in the afternoon. For the 1st time in my life ( yes including O levels, but excluding primary school ). I managed to complete a maths paper with every question mostly done ( compared to prelims with 5 full questions blank? ). Whether i will a result out of this depends on paper 2 and my carelessness level, as well as whether my answers are correct. I know how to do mainly everything but i am not sure whether i did it the right way, again from the lack of practice. I thought last year's paper was harder ( no offence to those who thinks otherwise ), but by that i dont mean that this year's was easy.

Break today, chemistry tomorrow. Up till have of all the organic chem reactions and stuff seems to have left my mind already. Need to rememorise them.

Time for all of us to look forward now. Not back =)

Cheers and good luck to all